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I have been fortunate to work on a couple of very exciting film projects over August and September and although you won't be able to see them for quite some time I just wanted to share my experiences!  

Firstly in August I had the pleasure of playing a supporting role on The D Word (working title), an independent film conceived and directed by award-winning filmmaker Andrew Jenks  of MTV's "World of Jenks," and  HBO's "Room 335"  which focused on one man's interactions with friends and love interests as he opens up about his struggle with chronic depression. The film is intended to humanize, or de-stigmatize, depression. The film is semi-improvised, so had a blast improvising my diologue and creating my character Judith. 

Check out out his website www.andrewjenksentertainment.com and IMDb for more on his incredible body of work. 

Playback and Pizza  

Playback and Pizza  

Over four days in September I was whisked away to Staten Island, no less, to film the atmospheric, unnerving and beautiful short Twilight Land, conceived and directed by Chad Gardella. Staying in the haunted house with all the crew was a truely immersive experience, which included being painted dead head to toe, picking up crickets and reacting to some incredibly realistic fx make up.  Hopefully I'll be able to reveal more come spring time of 2016, till then here are some behind the scenes snaps. 

Check out more on the director's blog

Being painted  

Being painted  

Alive and well. . . Not for long  

Alive and well. . . Not for long  

The Winters Tale

I am delighted to announce that I shall be playing Paulina in "For Love and Duty Players" production of The Winters Tale. 

Rehearsals are now underway and i'm constantly astounded by Paulina's resourcefulness, and strength. I'm thrilled by the prospect of attempting to portray such a multifaceted woman.       

Set in the modern, nomadic world right in the heart of the country's freight hopping culture, this unique take on Shakespeare's romance follows the story of one leader's jealous nature destroys all that he loves and the path of redemption one man must take to get it back. Can such such a man be saved? 

We perform:

Thursday 13th, Friday 14th and Saturday 15th August at 8pm
Sunday 16th August at 3pm

Thursday 20th, Friday 21st, and Saturday 22nd at 8pm
Sunday 23rd August at 3pm


WOW Cafe Theatre, 59-61 East 4th Street,

4th Floor, Tickets $15

You can purchase tickets online here 

For more information about the production and the Company please visit: 



On Prosperity

I am excited to announce The Academy Company's last venture together "On Prosperity" an original play by our very own Company member Charly Clive and directed by Jonathan Bolt. 

"On Prosperity" Is an exploration of how a senseless tragedy effects not only the victims and their families but the wider community.

Come see the final offering from the Company at:

Tuesday 31st March at 7pm,

Wednesday 1st April at 7pm,

Thursday 2nd April at 7pm,

Friday 3rd April at 7pm

Mary MacArthur Theatre, The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, 120 Madison Ave, New York, NY, 10016

For reservations Call: 212-453-5340 or email nyreservations@aada.edu

Industry Showcase

On Wednesday 25th of February The American Academy of Dramatic Arts is holding an invited industry showcase for The Academy Company - the third year students.

The Showcase will be held at 7pm in the

Mary MacArthur Theatre, The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, 120 Madison Ave, New York, NY, 10016

For reservations Call: 212-453-5340 or email nyreservations@aada.edu

There will be a reception afterwards for all our guests.

The Academy Company 2014/2015

The Academy Company 2014/2015

If you want to find out more about the company members, visit the Academy's website below:


Robin Hood In the Press

'They don’t say “No” here. Like the sword fights, on Broadway there would just be rounds of discussion. Here there’s nothing they won’t do. It’s all “I’ll do it, sure!”'  Douglas Carter Beane 

The Company starring in Robin Hood the Musical - a World Premiere

The Company starring in Robin Hood the Musical - a World Premiere

And so Robin Hood has come to an end, after an incredible week of performances to sold-out auditoriums - we even had to add an extra performance. 

The positive reaction of our audiences has been overwhelming, including AADA Alumni and two time Tony Award winner Christine Ebersole who personally congratulated us on our performances.

Our esteemed writer and director Douglas Carter Beane was interviewed by  Playbill.com and OnStage Blog about Robin Hood and his experience working with our company. 

Robin Hood A new musical

I am excited to announce that The Academy Company is embarking on a new adventure, working with the esteemed playwright and coincidentally AADA alumni Douglas Carter Beane writer of The Nance, Cinderella and Sister Act (to name a few)  on a brand new musical version of the classic tale of Robin Hood. 

With original music from Lewis Flynn, Robin Hood promises to be a high octane romp suitable for one and all. 

We perform 

Monday 2nd February at 7pm
Tuesday 3rd February at 7pm
Wednesday 4th February at 2pm & 7pm
Thursday 5th February at 7pm
Friday 6th February at 2pm & 7pm
Saturday 7th February at 2pm

The Lester Martin Theatre, The American Academy of Dramatic Arts

120 Madison Avenue, New York, NY, 10016

For reservations Call: 212-453-5340 or emailnyreservations@aada.edu

So here's to the year ahead

2014 has truly been an incredible year. 



From Graduation of the second year class in April, to starting the Company in August which has taken me on a whirlwind journey from being a southern belle, to chasing the fantastic, to the final Serenade of Louie. 

I just want to thank all of the friends and AADA students who have come and supported our shows. I hope you have enjoyed them as much as we have performing them. 

2015 has great promise, I'm excited about the opportunities that are lined up and healthily nervous about the unknown.

So here's to the year ahead and whatever it may hold.  

Serenading Louie

I am thrilled to announce that I shall be playing Mary in Lanford Wilson's "Serenading Louie". The production will be directed by Jonathan Bolt as part of The Academy Company's third play series. 

We are one week into rehearsals and already I am exhilerated at the prospect of sinking my teeth into this candid examination of marriage.  

Come see it on:

Tuesday 9th December at 7pm

Wednesday 10th December at 2pm

Thursday 11th December at 7pm

Friday 12th December at 2pm

The Manny Greenfield Theatre, The American Academy of Dramatic Arts 

120 Madison Avenue, New York, NY, 10016

For reservations Call: 212-453-5340 or email nyreservations@aada.edu

Would He Be Woody

On the Friday 21st of November I shall be appearing in a reading of AADA Alumni Thomas Burns Scully's Play "Would He Be Woody".  

The play revolves around a man who navigates life by pretending to be Woody Allen.  

Its wonderful work and I'm really excited to be involved in this project with such talented AADA alums.  

Come see it:

Friday 21st November 7pm,

 Mary MacArthur Theatre, The American Academy of Dramatic Arts,

120 Madison Ave, New York, NY, 10016

While Chasing The Fantastic. . .


I am currently working on "While Chasing The Fantastic. . . ", which was written by our director Derek Ahonan. Together with our wonderful cast of Company members we have been working away (and having a lot of laughs in the process) for the past three weeks to bring this challenging play to life. 

Catch "While Chasing The Fantastic. . . " at The MG Theatre, The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, 120 Madison Avenue, New York, NY,  

Wednesday 22nd October @7pm
Thursday 23rd October @7pm
Friday 24th October @7pm
Saturday 25th October @2pm and 7pm 

Call: 212 453 5340 or email: nyreservations@aada.edu for reservations 


I have a Website

I have set up a website.

Which is surprising, as everyone who knows me is well aware of the fact that I am a technophobe. I'm just as surprised as you are.

Any feedback on the site is appreciated and I hope you enjoy nosing around it.