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Shooting Real Doll

Over the Easter weekend I had the pleasure of shooting short film Real Doll, in which I play Nadia,  written/directed by Will Hewitt and Produced by Sam White. 

David  is a director in the process of writing a personal play which he views as his magnum opus. After making the decision to write himself a role in his upcoming play, we see him slowly spiral into obsession as he treats the lead actress Nadia  with dismay, only focusing on her when she is playing the role of Ellen. She soon becomes completely alienated from her self-absorbed director, pushed to her limits to recreate this dream character of David’s.


When interviewed by Digital Filmmaker Magazine Producer Sam and Director Will said of role:

". . .this film needs to be seen today due to its relevance to the current scandals being uncovered in the entertainment industry, particularly the voices now being heard through the Me Too and Times Up movements online. Nadia helps show us what hurt can be caused when an artist or director takes their power too far and acts inappropriately towards their actors." It is also their intention inspire their audience with Nadia coming out victorious whilst David is ostracised and not given acclaim for his unorthodox methods, like so many directors are. 


"Both the lead actors were also fantastic to work with creatively. They were never afraid to bring their own ideas to the table. Some of the scenes would often change the more we ran through them, which I loved as it felt we were completely understanding  of the characters thoughts and didn't need to rely solely on written dialogue to bring their layered personalities to life."


I had such a fabulous time on set for this project with all the dedicated crew, and my fellow actor Alex Francis who played David.

TIMES IS UP and collaborating with such talented, gracious, compassionate creatives only reiterates this.

Real Doll is currently in post production and is due to be completed at the end of May and Sam and Will plan to submit it to various film festivals.  

You can find the Digital Filmmakers Magazine article Here

Elegy Festival News

  Winner Bloody Judge Award

Exciting news from Elegy from the international film festival circuit. Elegy has won no less than four awards, and has made the official selection for festivals as far afield as Russia and Venice.  

Nitehawk shorts festival in NY awarded director Chad Gardella with the Panavision grant and granted him $7,500 for his next film. Somerville International film festival in Boston named Elegy Best Undergound Film. Shorts on Tap in London, gave us multiple encore screenings and selected us as one of the Best of Shorts on Tap for 2017Portland Horror Film Festival awarded Elegy with the Bloody Judge Award - They asked Guest Judge Richard Stanley (Director of Hardware, Dust Devil) to weigh in and choose his favorite film. I think the one that rises to the top of the pack must be ‘ELEGY’ …with its artsy Terence Malick style introspection. With intense and gorgeous close-up nature photography, lyrical transitions, and sound design, “Elegy” is an extremely accomplished experimental film. Gardella deftly weaves images together, creating an emotional and existential catharsis.

Here are some the gorgeous, eerie posters for the festival screenings. 


"If You're Bored Of Your Camera Read This Book" - Release

Holiday season seems like an apt time to announce that modeling work from my shoot with photographer and author Demetrius Fordham can be found in his new book "If you're bored of your Camera read this book"


The book can be purchased from Amazon and other leading booksellers across the US and the UK, and Its really does make for a great read! (although I may be a little Biased)  

Daiya Foods - Cheezier Than Ever Print Campaign

I'm excited to share my latest commercial print campaign for Daiya Foods, putting the cheesy in vegan cheese! 

The campaign centres around the cheesiest holidays in the calendar. I am the poster girl for January and National Flair Day.  

Part of the campaign allows members of the public to upload their faces onto the model's bodies, so be sure to try it out!!

 Photo by Rebecca Handler   

Photo by Rebecca Handler


Daiya Calendar.png

Check out the full campaign on the Daiya site Here

Elegy Screening

Some exciting news, Elegy, The gothic horror short I shot back in the summer 2015, directed by the wonderful Chad Gardella is finally completed and shall be screened on Saturday 18th February, at SVA Theatre at 7:00pm.  

It was such a pleasure working with all the cast and crew on this project and I cannot wait to finally see the results. Here is the trailer once more to whet your appetites. If you wish to attend please contact me! 

Primal Speech Art Installation

Back in August I had the pleasure of collaborating with artist Liz Magic Lazer on her video installation Primal Speech. Liz has previously exhibited at MOMA PS1, and The Whitney Museum of American Art, who is probably best known for her work The Thought Leader, 2015. 

The installation focuses on varying political beliefs and uses primal therapy to tap into potentially why we have such strong emotional reactions to politicians, their policies etc - is that reaction linked to something that you previously have felt or experienced.

Publication Creative Time Report described my performance as follows, 

"a woman weeps over her sense of powerlessness as British politicians Nigel Farage and David Cameron merge with her tyrannical, childhood teacher. Here, sweat, tears, and screams of protest flow together to create an intensely personal political present."

Read the full article Here

Politics and engagement in politics is a real passion of mine and I relished the opportunity to engage with people with diametrically opposing opinions in the wake of Brexit and with the looming presidential elections.

The Installation is currently part of The Frieze Art Fair, in London, England then it will go on to show at The Grand Union in Birmingham, England in February 2017 and also CAC Bretigny, France in May 2017

  Liz Magic Laser,   Primal Speech  , 2016. Video Still. Courtesy of the artist and Various Small Fires, Los Angeles.

Liz Magic Laser, Primal Speech, 2016. Video Still. Courtesy of the artist and Various Small Fires, Los Angeles.

Publication ArtNet.com said of Primal Speech in their article "Frieze London Dips Its Toes into the Nineties"

"Liz Magic Laser’s Primal Speech engaged with more recent political issues. The booth is conceived as a primal therapy suite, complete with padded walls and screaming jars. In a video, a life coach invites ‘participants’ to share their feelings about Brexit and the rise of Donald Trump, and their own sensations of anger and impotence. That it is hard to tell which answer responds to a political question and which to an emotional one suggests how deeply political affiliation is driven by emotional forces" 

Read the full Article here

The Honeymoon

I am very excited to announce that The Honeymoon a short film that I worked on directed by the fantastic Tommy Davis has been selected for the New York Film Festival and shall have its world premiere screening as part of the festival. Tommy Davis' has previously created award winning films for the likes of HBO, Canal+, and Vice.

 Still from The Honeymoon 

Still from The Honeymoon 

The Honeymoon will be shown as part of The Shorts Program 4: New York Stories, this program showcases work from some of the most exciting filmmakers living and working in New York today, including established names and ones to watch. There will also be Q&A's with all the film's directors. The Screening will be at:

The Walter Reade Theater, The Bruno Walter Auditorium

Sunday 2nd October at 3:30pm and Tuesday 4th October at 6:15pm

 Shooting the Honeymoon on a desolate NJ beach with director Tommy Davis and Co Star Bailey Newman

Shooting the Honeymoon on a desolate NJ beach with director Tommy Davis and Co Star Bailey Newman

For tickets and information about the screening please check out NYFF website here

For Further information about the film's creator and director Tommy Davis and watch his work check out his site here.

Here Comes the Night

On the 8th of September I had the pleasure of reading Here Comes The Night A play by Irish playwright Rosemary Jenkinson to a sold out house at the stunning Irish Historical society - a beautifully preserved town house opposite The Metropolitan Museum of Art.The reading was a part of Origin Theatre's 1st Irish festival - The 1st festival celebrating the work of Irish playwriting in the world now in its 9th year. 

Here Comes The Night set in 1966 and 2016 is a playful, thrilling and hilarious take on love, family and loyalties, asking important questions about our identity and remembrance. Here Comes The Night tells the story of Vincent and Mary Gallagher living in East Belfast in November 1966. Vincent is trying to finish his short story based on the Easter Rising, but Mary and the local priest want him to stop writing, fearing the reaction to such an explosive story. 

I had such a wonderful time working with the incredibly talented cast of Irish actors, and check out all of the other wonderful plays at the festival here

Summer Shakespeare

So I shall be spending my summer swashbuckling in not one but two Shakespeare plays with the wonderful Hudson Shakespeare Company. First up I shall be tackling the role of Henry Bolingbroke in Richard II, Then Edward (Ned) The Black Prince in The lesser known Shakespeare Kyd collaboration Edward III. We shall be touring parks and public spaces in NJ, including an historic cemetery, and the shows are all FREE!!! So bring your fine selves a picnic and

"let us sit upon the ground and tell sad stories of the death of kings"

Richard II
Wednesday, June 8th @ 7pm,Westfield Memorial Library, Westfield, NJ

Thursday, June 9th @ 7pm,Historic Harismus Cemetary Jersey City, NJ

Friday, June 10th @ 7pm,Van Vorst Park, Jersey City, NJ

Saturday, June 11th @ 2pm, Mahwah Library, Mahwah, NJ

Monday, June 13th @ 7pm,Montclair Library, Montclair, NJ

Tuesday, June 14th @ 7:30pm, Monument Park, Fort Lee, NJ

Wednesday, June 15th @ 7:30pm, Atlantic Street Park, Hackensack, NJ

 Thursday, June 16th @ 7pm, Hamilton Park, Jersey City, NJ

Monday, June 20th @ 7pm, Kenilworth Library, Kenilworth, NJ

Tuesday, June 21st @ 7:30pm, Monument Park, Fort Lee, NJ

Wednesday, June 22nd @ 7:30pm, Atlantic Street Park, Hackensack, NJ

Saturday, June 25th @2pm, Stratford Library, Stratford, CT

Edward III
Tuesday, July 12th @ 7pm, Secaucus Library, Secaucus, NJ

Wednesday, July 13th @ 7pm, Summit Library, Summit, NJ

Thursday, July 14th @ 7pm, Westfield Memorial Library, Westfield, NJ

Friday, July 15th @ 7:30pm, Rhino Theatre, Pompoton Lakes,  NJ

Monday, July 18th @ 7pm, Kenilworth Library, Kenilworth, NJ

Tuesday, July 19th @ 7:30pm, Monument Park, Fort Lee, NJ

Wednesday, July 20th @ 7:30pm, Atlantic Street Park, Hackensack, NJ

Thursday, July 21st @ 7pm, Hamilton Park, Jersey City, NJ

Tuesday, July 26th @ 7:30pm, Monument Park, Fort Lee, NJ

Wednesday, July 27th @ 7:30pm, Atlantic Street Park, Hackensack, NJ

Thursday, July 28th @ 7pm, Van Vorst Park, Jersey City, NJ

Saturday, July 30th @ 2pm, Stratford Library, Stratford, CT

God of Carnage

And now for a change of pace, from the classical to the contemporary, my latest project will be Yazmin Reza's utterly brilliant God of Carnage in which I shall be playing the moralising Veronica. 

I shall be performing: 

Thursday April 7th at 8pm

Friday April 8th at 8pm

Saturday April 9th at 7pm

Union County Performing Arts Center, Hamilton Stage 360 Hamilton StreetRahway, NJ 07065

(5mins walking distance from NJ Transit, Rahway station, 40mins from Manhattan)

You can purchase tickets Here

Martyr'd Signs

I am all aflutter to share with you my latest project. I shall be playing Titus Andronicus in Martyr'd Signs, an all female adaptation of Shakespeare's blood thirsty Titus Andronicus. 

Martyr'd Signs investigates the Titus story from the perspectives of the two women in the play - Tamora, the terrifying Queen of Goths, and Lavinia, Titus' tormented daughter.  Martyr'd Signs explores deeper into the cycle of violence.

We shall perform a limited run: 

Wednesday, April 27th at 8pm

Thursday, April 28th at 8pm

Friday, April 29th at 8pm

Saturday, April 30th at 8pm

St.Paul's Lutheran Church,334 South 5th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211

(Closest subway is the J,M.Z at Marcy Avenue)

Tickets will be available for advance purchase soon.

For more information about the show visit Hudson Shakespeare Company's site by clicking Here

An Ideal Husband

As the cold winter wind brings in January 2016, there is no time to hibernate as I have been cast in The Alpha NYC Theater Company's production of Oscar Wilde's An Ideal Husband as the duplicitous Mrs Cheveley. 

Mrs Cheveley, since the day I first discovered An Ideal Husband has been firmly on my bucket list of roles and i'm so excited and ready for some wickedly witty repartee. 

We Perform:

Thursday 11th February at 7pm & 9pm

Friday 12th February at 7pm & 9pm

Saturday 13th February at 7pm & 9pm  

Sunday 14th February at 7pm & 9pm

Corner Office NYC Theater, 
300 West 43rd Street, 
5th Floor, Suite 503 Times Square Arts Centre
New York, New York 10036

You can purchase tickets here

The Bacchae/Sisters Of Semele

I am estatic to announce my latest theatrical escapade shall be the role of Agave in The Bacchae, in a joint production brought to you by What Dreams May Co and Queens Shakespeare.  Uniquely this production shall include a one act world premiere prequel to Euripides' The Bacchae - The Sisters of Semele by Chris Rivera. So in one sitting I have the opportunity to not only tackle a beautiful role that has existed for thousands of years but explore all new elements of her story! 

 The Sisters of Semele, Ino and Agave

The Sisters of Semele, Ino and Agave

Director Christina Sheehan (Director of 2013’s critically acclaimed Macbeth) brings audiences to the land of Thebes. A young king is newly come into his rule and a young demigod has newly come into his power. The conflict between these two cousins pitting man VS Maenad, and force VS faith. When such squabbles occur between gods and kings the stakes become dangerous, the consequences become deadly.

We Perform: 

John DeSotelle Studios, 300 West 43rd Street

December 3rd, 4th, 5th, 10th, 11th, 12th,17th and 18th at 7pm  

December 5th and 12th at  2pm

You can purchase tickets here

Check out the websites for both WDMC and Queens Shakespeare, and If your able, please support the show's indie-go-go campaign, you shall not be disappointed!